Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PCSO LOTTO TIPS: How NOT To Increase Your Sale of Scratch It Cards

(Sample of PCSO Lotto Scratch card "Knockout".  Look for the Glove and Win the Peso Amount below)
  When you sell PCSO Lotto Scratch It Cards, you earn more than selling Lotto tickets and yet how come not all Lotto outlets are selling it?


1.  Poor Lotto Scratch It Card sales because the Lotto agent failed to provide an area where the Lotto customer can comfortably play the Scratch It cards.

2.  Not all Lotto outlets set-aside their own money to pay the Winning Amounts on the Scratch it cards and instead, they tell the winning Scratch card winner to go to another lotto outlet or to the pcso to claim their winnings.  When they do this, the lotto customer gets really angry because the winnings may be small in amount.

3.  Selling Scratch It cards is time consuming and if the lotto agent's sales are good, he will have to assign a person to just attend to the sale of scratch cards. 

courtesy of pcso
(There are now more than 12 kinds of Scratch Cards todate with names like Go Bananas, Tic Tac Mu, Lucky Tiger, Pito-Pito, Christmas Cash, EZ2, Pot of Gold, Go for Goal, Cash Extravaganza & Sargo)

4.  Some lotto agents do not sell all varieties.  They only sell the fast-selling scratch cards.

5.  They do not have the latest scratch it card games.  (Lucky Circle and some lotto outlets are able to get the latest scratch it cards ahead of the other lotto outlets)

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